Balloon And Moon

On the Friday evening of June 24, 2015, shortly after releasing the balloon for the synoptic flight, I decided to photograph the weather balloon before it became too distant as I wanted a clear photo of it in the sky.

The moon was out that evening and the balloon floated it's way into close proximity to it, well at least relative to my field of view.

Moon And Balloon
By: Maher A. Haddad

Zoomed in at 200mm, I managed to capture the photo shown above. At full magnification, on can not only see the craters on the moon, but the entire flight train on the weather balloon is visible as one can see the twine, parachute, and radiosonde.

Canon 60D
1/400 second exposure
EF-S 18-200mm f/3.5-5.6
100 ISO