Cross And Stars

Back in May, I attended a singles church conference at Seabrook Island, south of Charlestown, SC and had the opportunity to test my new Tokina wide angle lens against a starry sky. 

Cross And Starry Sky
By: Maher A. Haddad
Photo Taken On May 16, 2015

The above image is cropped to give it a panoramic appearance, and flipped horizontally. Below is a cropped version showing the cross.

Cross And Starry Sky
Portrait View

Here is what the original aspect ratio looks like:

Cross And Starry Sky
Original Aspect Ratio

Canon 60D30 second exposure
Tokina 11-16mmf/2.81600 ISO

Another thing to add is that the fence in the foreground is illuminated by light from a cell phone. It was late at night, around 10:00 pm, and the sky was pitch black. Nevertheless, the long exposure and shooting at f/2.8 revealed an illuminated horizon from what vestige of backscatter of sunlight was still available that our eyes could not resolve.